Family History / Having Fun & Providing a Quality Product

My relationship with German food and culture started early as my Mom was born in Passau, Germany and my Grandmother prepared and served many delicious dishes from the Old Country.  Having inherited special recipes that were a part of my growing years, I wanted to share the treasures with others who can NOW experience what my family has known for four generations.  Needing a starting point I chose to begin with German Cinnamon Glazed Roasted Nuts and have planned to add other items as my business grows.  One of my favorites is my Grandmothers Original German Cheesecake made with local ingredients that mimic those prepared in Germany.  My goal is to take what Grandmother Erika perfected and introduce to YOU to savor and Enjoy.  I find this a challenging and fun adventure.  My promise to you is to deliver a quality product that reflects on my family's pride and treat you as part of the family.

                                                        Granddaughter Erika



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