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Grandmother Erika Graf

My relationship with German food and culture started very early in my life.  I spent many summers with my Grandmother and watched her prepare and serve delicious German dishes.   Having inherited special recipes that were a part of my growing years, I wanted to share the treasures with others who can now experience what my family has known for four generations.

 One of my family's favorites is my Grandmothers Original German Cheesecake. 

I remember hearing stories of the traditional Christmas markets.  Although I have not ever been to one (yet) I can imagine the smells of the candied nuts and gingerbread cookies.  I wanted to replicate this experience that I have only seen in photographs in my own shoppe. My goal is to take what my Grandmother perfected and introduce it to you .  I find this a challenging and fun adventure.  My promise to you is to deliver a quality product that reflects on my heritage and treat you as part of the family.

I invite you to come visit my shoppe in downtown Tarpon Springs.  I currently am a full time high school biology teacher so if I am not there say Hi to my Dad!!

Granddaughter Erika


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