At events flavors are put together with certain nuts to give you an idea of combinations available.  On the website you have the opportunity to create any combination of flavor and nut.  Use your imagination, experiment if you will, and create your ultimate result.  Or you may use the suggestions and specials I have created for you.  

Choose the nuts that you want to specialize:

Almonds   Pecans   Cashews   Walnuts

Match the nuts to the flavors you want.  Mix and match as many as you dare.  Choices are: 

Cinnamon Sugar

  (plus Erika's Exclusive Flavors)

Apple Cinnamon

Black Forest

Birthday Cake

Banana Cream

Black Cherry

Caramel Cream


Cinnamon Coffee

Dark Chocolate Chili

Gingerbread (seasonal)

Key Lime Pie

Maple Syrup

Maple Bacon


Orange Zest


Pumpkin Spice (seasonal)

Peppermint (seasonal) 

Red Velvet

Root Beer

Sweet Tea

Toasted Coconut




Irish Cream

Pina Colada

Individual Snack Bag
Just the right size for quick snack or individual gift that can be presented separately or combined with other item in a basket
Paper Cone
Perfect snack size when on the move walking around festivals, fairs, leisurely walk around neighborhood, or around the house
Specialty Heart
Want to give a gift to that special someone
Specialty Oval
Egg shape to fill with your delicious surprise 
Specialty Square
Larger size when more a better size
Single Compartment Tray
Excellent choice to have on counter bar for snacking or placing on individual tables at social gatherings
Seven Compartment Tray
The ultimate variety tray.  Put your favorites in one place

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