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Choices to Fit Your Individual Taste

There are no delicacies in life that can satisfy all individual tastes at the same time, in the same way, and provide the same level of enjoyment. Choices add the personal touch that customize products to specific wants and desires.  It is my goal to provide exactly what you request in variety, flavor, quantity, and timing.  That is why all roasting in done in small batches, roasting using fresh product, roasting the variety of flavors that you desire, and roasting the quantity that you request.    

Almonds          Pecans

Cashews          Walnuts

The roasting process is accomplished one pound of nuts at a time to insure consistency and eliminate excess stock

During the roasting process, the right amount of ingredients are blended together to create the flavorful results necessary to satisfy the most discriminating tastes.  Ingredients include sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, flavoring oils & extracts, and spices or products specific to the flavor desired.  The results are one of a kind delicious.  

The variety and quality of flavors that are provided are what distinquish my products from all others.  With over 30 flavors to choose with four different styles of nuts, there are a total of over 100 flavor/nut combinations.  Want something that you can not find anywhere else and call it your own?  You are at the right place.  

Packaging is geared to furthur personalize your order.  Starting with individual snack bags, progressing to paper cones, specialty hearts, eggs, squares, to single compartment trays, four compartment trays, 7 compartment trays, and large cellophane cones, you chose how they get filled.   

Have fun browsing my website to get specifics on how to find out more about of my company, how to create your personalized order, and get it delivered in a timely manner.  Enjoy